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Antelope Crossing Middle School Athletics

Programs and Coaches


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Cross Country

Kaley Gall

Vanessa Swank



Boys' Basketball

Tom Alba

Jeff Coley

Wayne Dorn

Michael Punsalan

Boys' Volleyball

Steffan Wagman




Flag Football

Jeff Coley

Jason Grotewiel

Joe Sequeira

Steffan Wagman

Girls' Basketball

Pamela Smartt




Girls' Softball

Jaimie Camarillo

Barb Ruth



Girls' Volleyball

Barb Ruth

Pamela Smartt


Pedro Martinezmoles

Jason  Walker

Track & Field



Athletic Enrollment and Sports Physical

Athletic Enrollment: Please complete the REQUIRED online athletic enrollment (APPRYSE).    This link can be found on the school website under the "Athletics" tab or by clicking on this link.  Included in the packet is the VAC form, which must be turned in at the time of participation.


Sports Physical: All students who participate as athletes in organized competitive sports shall first undergo and file with Appryse a current physical exam form filled out by the student's physician. Physician's form must have the physician's signature, address and phone number to be considered valid. The physical expires ONE year from the date indicated by the physician. Upon sustaining an injury or serious illness, a student may be required to have another examination before resuming the sports activity. Athletes sustaining a concussion or serious injury must be medically released from a licensed physician before resuming activity. (Administrative Regulations 5141.3)